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Zodiac Star Signs - Love & Relationship Compatibility
Scorpio Love Relationships

Scorpio Compatibility Scorpio
(24 October - 22 November)

See: Scorpio Personality Profile

Scorpio & Virgo

Love & Relationship Match
Virgo Love Relationships

Virgo Compatibility Virgo
(22 August - 23 September)

See: Virgo Personality Profile

Scorpio & Virgo Love & Relationship Compatibility

Scorpio Element: Water

Virgo Element: Earth

Surprisingly a Scorpio and Virgo love match can be a great hit! Scorpio's desire to win and lead can blend well with Virgo's characteristics and bring out the best in them. And Scorpio's sexual talent combined with Virgo's desire for perfection will certainly lead to some very gratifying nights. In fact if you meet under the right circumstances this could be a pretty explosive start to something.

Long Term Relationship
Virgo and Scorpio  relationships for the long term can really swing either way unfortunately. You could blend the best of yourselves and become a major power couple, well at least until Virgo starts criticizing and being judgmental, which will likely crush Scorpio and mark the end of the bliss.

Tips for Making it Work
See where you can support your partner in their quest to meet their goals. Scorpio will need to watch their aggressiveness and Virgo will need to be willing to give trust in order to get it back.

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