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Zodiac Star Signs - Love & Relationship Compatibility
Sagittarius Love Relationships

Sagittarius Compatibility Sagittarius
(23 November - 22 December)

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Sagittarius & Virgo

Love & Relationship Match
Virgo Love Relationships

Virgo Compatibility Virgo
(22 August - 23 September)

See: Virgo Personality Profile

Sagittarius & Virgo Love & Relationship Compatibility

Sagittarius Element: Fire

Virgo Element: Earth

A Sagittarius and Virgo love match is a possibility. There will be a lot of initial magnetism between this couple. Sagittarius will like the challenge of seducing the Virgo and Virgo will be turned on by Sagittarius' extroverted and optimistic personality.

Long Term Relationship
A Virgo and Sagittarius relationship has a fair chance of lasting beyond the initial fling if both parties let their partners qualities bring balance to their lives. The ever upbeat and caring Sagittarius will bring light and comfort to Virgo and help bring them out of their shell. Especially in business matters Virgo can help Sagittarius realize their sometimes unrealistic money making plans by bringing a logical mind and problem solving skills to the table.

Tips for Making it Work
Virgo and Sagittarius compatibility is still very shaky; Virgo must be careful not to run Sagittarius away with criticism and Sagittarius must realize that if they are ever going to settle down this Virgo can bring a lot to the table and should not be passed up on too quickly.

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