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Romantic Ideas by Star Sign


Virgo Love Relationships

Love & Romance Horoscope for a Virgo

If your birthday falls between August 24st and September 23rd you are a Virgo: calm, cautious and independent.

You have great analytical skills and are trying to understand and organise everything. You observe and criticises. Often the critic you say is valid, but very rarely it brings good results as the way you say it hurts others.

Most individuals that are born under Virgo sign believe that self-confidence and self-esteem give people happiness and peace. This sign belongs to the element of the Earth, so people that are born under this sign like when everything is in order and love relationships are not the exception.

A Virgo Woman in Love

Female virgo is attractive, beautiful, tender and erotic. She has a gentle nature and her partner likes that. She never uses relationships for self-serving purpose. Her partner`s joy and happiness brings satisfaction to Virgo woman.

These women deeply respect their partners and they believe that actions are more demonstrative than words, at the same time if she has promised something she will do it. Virgo woman is looking for a relationship where honesty, love and chastity are highly estimated.

If she cannot find such relation, she prefers solitude.

In sex relationships Virgo females are a little shy and they need time to become more free and opened with their feelings, but these women are created for family life. Such a woman will be faithful, will serve well and will become a loving and caring mother.

A Virgo Man in Love

Virgo man is quite pedantic; he likes to see things in order. If you are making a move toward a man that was born under this sign you will need to be as clear as possible. One thing he will not tolerate is absence of logic.

However, love and feelings are not amendable to conventional logic, so when Virgo man feels that Amour`s arrow has touched his heart he will take some time out to realize that he is in love.

Virgo man is most tender and his erotic potential is very high. He can easily satisfy even the most demanding woman. Women are conquered by his care and faith. At the same time if a man that was born under Virgo sign has a reason not to trust you, relationships will be very difficult: he will check your phone for sms and he will become very jealous trying to control you.

Key to Success with a Virgo Partner

Making a move to a person that was born under Virgo sign don’t be to pushy, give the one you like time to learn about you. These people will not trust you from the first date; their feelings need time to grow. Friendship is most important for Virgo individuals, become their friend and a way to their heart will be opened.

Few things that a Virgo should remember

You need to remember that not all people are as organized as you are. If your partner is late for a date it doesn’t mean that you are nor respected deeply it simply means that your partner is late. You are a deep thinker, may be some times too deep actually. Do not look for problems where such don’t exist.

Ideal partners for Virgo's: Leo

Smooth relationships Virgo can build with: Virgo, Pisces and Aquarius

Most difficult relationships Virgo will have with: Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Libra

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