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Star Signs & Money - Virgo
Guide to Career: VIRGO

Personality Traits Of a Virgo

Quite and independent, the Virgo personality is an extremely well organised and professional one. Virgos always like to be in complete control of a situation. A Virgos incessant need for control and perfection can make them something of a workaholic. It is a Virgos nature to serve others. This natural instinct can often leave them over worked as they never like to let anyone down.

Virgos naturally have a critical personality. Failure is something that is not tolerated by this star sign. A Virgo will always strive for excellence and precision in everything they do. Virgos are often prone to excessive worry. The relentless pursuit of perfection can often leave them feeling anxious and stressed.
Career Aptitudes

With mercury in their chart, Virgos are seen as one of the most intellectual star signs. This high level of intellect serves a Virgo well in their chosen career path. Virgos are also highly efficient and precise in everything they do. With an eye for detail they love their day to day tasks to be highly structured. Virgo is a sign that is filled with practicality. Virgos are often seen as extremely loyal employees. Hard working and tireless, a Virgo is someone who can be relied upon. Virgos are naturally interested in anything medical. With a strong interest in health, they are often drawn to any career that is health related.

Suitable Professions for a Virgo

A Virgos reserved and quite nature often means they shy away from operating their own business. Their dislike for the limelight and quite nature often leaves them the unsung hero of the hour. As a loyal and trustworthy employee, there are many noble professions that Virgos are best suited to.

With their love for anything medical, Virgos are often best suited to the health industry. A Virgos efficiency and desire to serve makes them wonderful nurses and medical practitioners. The in ground work ethic of a Virgo makes them tireless and loyal employees of this industry.
As well as medical careers, Virgos are also drawn to careers that involve research and problem solving. Their organisational skills and ability to process vast amounts of data make them ideal candidates for careers in science or math related fields. Virgos never shy away from hard work; in fact they often take on extra work so as not to let anyone down!

The following is a list of careers that are best suited to the personality traits of a Virgo –
Accountants – A Virgos Love of Precision and Accuracy makes them ideal Mathematicians
Architect – Virgos are renowned for their love of precision and perfection, traits that are ideal in architecture.

Teacher – The instinctive and caring nature of a Virgo make them ideal patient and caring teachers

Historian / Librarian – A Virgos love of facts and figure often makes them ideal candidates for research jobs.

Nurse / Foster Carer – A Virgos inborn need to serve others makes them wonderful carers.
Virgos are best suited to careers that make best use of their personality traits. You will often find that Virgos are often drawn to careers that require dedication and loyalty. There are many professions that require the personality of a Virgo. Once a Virgo has found a career, their loyal nature often means that they will work there forever!

Career Hazards for a Virgo

Unfortunately, Virgos have several personality traits that can often cause problems throughout their careers. A Virgos incessant need for perfection can often be the downfall in their career. Virgos often get frustrated with colleagues who do not possess the same attribute. A Virgo is often critical of work colleagues that do not match up to their exacting high standards. There critical nature can often leave them feeling isolated in the workplace. A Virgo can quickly become stressed and worried if things don’t go to plan. Virgos should try and stay away from careers that revolve around uncertainties. Virgos should ideally learn to control their critical nature and to let people help them with their job.
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