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Venus - The Planet of Love

Venus. The planet known in astrology as "the greatest benefic" (i.e. the greatest "good guy") to bless us with sensuality, diplomacy, pleasure, and love...

Thankfully, according to the calculations of Vedic astrology (which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign) Venus moved out of its LEAST favourite sign (Virgo - where it's debilitated) just two days ago, and into one of its favourite signs (Libra) where it stays until December 10th.

This should help all of us on a global level to have more fun, abundance, and peace... And on a personal level to have more romance (not to mention, this is a GREAT time to go shopping, as Venus is the planet of fashion and clothing... and beautification of all kinds! Just be careful - it's also the planet of indulgence, and can make you over-do it, causing you to blow the rent on that PERFECT party dress and new pair of shoes...)

Those who will most notice these improved celestial vibes are those of us with the Sun, Moon or rising sign in Libra or Aries (again, according to the calculations of Vedic astrology). To find out if this is you, run you chart on my groovy "chart creator" page here.

In olden days, astrologers and astronomers were one and the same. So, it may help us to look at the ASTRONOMY of Venus to understand why our nextdoor "sister" planet would be considered the divine influence that ushers forth all things romantic. Venus is the brightest natural object in the night sky after the Moon. It's most luminous just before sunrise, and shortly following sunset, and thus is called, "the morning star" AND the "evening star."

For this reason, many ancient cultures long believed it was two separate heavenly objects, and not just one.... Venus is so bright, in fact, that it's often mistaken for a UFO. Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, we know much about the surface and atmosphere of Venus. Venus has an atmosphere with 92 times the pressure of the earth's. Its surface temperatures are incredibly hot - over 460 degrees Celsius (which is also quite scalding in Fahrenheit, I'm sure - but don't ask me to convert the temperature for you - though I could've in the third grade...)

80% of the landscape of Venus is volcanic. It's made up mostly of two continents. It has phases, much like the Moon, which make Venus appear to go from being a mere crescent, or "new," to full. Unlike the Moon, it's brightest when new, because that's when it's closest to the earth.

So, hopefully you're still awake, and curious how any of this is like love... Let me recap: Venus is super bright, so when you look up on a cloudless, smog less sky (good luck with that, by the way) it captures and holds your attention. And that's like love, because - I'm sure you've noticed - most of us mere mortals spend MUCH if not ALL of our time and energy focusing on love... Venus is brightest just before sunrise, and right after sunset - and this is also when "love" is "brightest" because that's when most people are "making whoopee."

Wait a minute, I'm sorry, I'm thinking of cats... Venus was long believed to be two different objects though it was truly one - and when we're in love, though we "appear" to be two individual people, we're "united as one..." Venus is often mistaken for a UFO - just as love is often not what it seems... (and can involve conspiracies, crash landings, cover ups, and visits from the F.B.I.) As for that atmosphere that's so dense you could cut it with a chain saw - there's nothing that'll make you feel pressure like the topic of love... (Are you getting this yet?)

Venus is dangerously hot, volcanic (as in, UNPREDICTABLE and ROCKY), made up of two bodies, and brightest when NEW... I think you see the parallels by now. If you were blessed to have the planet Venus sitting in a positive, prominent position in your astrology chart (no matter what zodiac sign) it's considered a wonderful thing...

In fact, in ancient times this was considered one of the best things a woman could have going for her - to ensure she'd make a good wife, and have the "karma" to charm and entice a good man to be her husband. And, crazy as it sounds, women with this will have such a naturally WOWZA way about themselves, that even if they've never had their astrology chart read, they'll have almost a magical ability to make men swoon.

I grew up with a sister so celestially blessed, and WAY before I was an astrologer or even knew what I was talking about, I used to MARVEL at all the attention she got from men EVERYWHERE. I'd shake my head and declare it was "the curse of Venus," only to find out years later that I was right! There was Venus taking "centre stage" in her chart, enabling her to captivate men - a gift she still has!

I teach you how to find out if this is what's going on in your chart, and how to RAMP things up if it's not (so you'd swear you had this effect on men anyway!) in my CD/DVD program, "Astrological Attraction." I walk you step-by-step through these simple, ancient, little-known techniques so you can see the most powerful inborn parts of you that help you attract and impress men - what I call your "attraction amplifiers." And then I help you discover the opposite - the parts of you that may be unconsciously blocking your ability to lure and connect with men - what I call your "attraction killers."

Knowing this stuff can absolutely allow you to make the best of things (enhancing your natural gifts) and minimize the worst, so you can have the best love life possible. To learn more about it (and read about the four critical keys to creating a spiritual connection with a man) go here. The truth is, the most attractive thing about you has NOTHING to do with what you look like, what you've "got to offer" a man, or even your personality... I'm serious - attraction does not happen just because you're attractive, accomplished, or have oodles of charm...

Then what is it that REALLY attracts men to you... or not? Your ENERGY. You've got to have the right ENERGY to be able to make a man go, "WOW... she's the ONE for me." To learn more about the truth of "energetic" attraction and how it works for men, check out my program about it all called, "Astrological Attraction" by going here. Even women with the ability to attract tons of great men are only going to be happy with the ones they're actually compatible with...

But that can be hard to figure out. So if you're wondering if you and a man can possibly have a love that's "out of this world" or will more likely cause you to only get burned, then consider running a compatibility report with him. "The Right Man Report" can help you to know if a relationship with a specific man will be worth your time and energy, or will just lead to a crash landing no matter what you do...

Find out if your love can be what it seems, or is just an illusion after all. You can read all about "The Right Man Report" or order yours with a click of a few buttons. In Vedic astrology, Venus is known as Shukra, which is the Sanskrit word for "clear, pure, or brightness." It's my wish that these next three weeks help us all to have more clarity, purity, and brightness when it comes to the gifts Venus brings - those of joy, beauty, peace, and pleasure...

And may God and His planets (especially you-know-who) and stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen

P.S. To find out if Venus is a small, average, or strong part of your "relationship capacity" (your ability to FULLY partner) check out a report that tells you this and more, including how to bring forth the BEST of you, and better support the not-so-good stuff in your inborn nature (so it stops ruining your good times!). See what the heck I'm talking about (and how to learn this about any man in your life - is he as great as he seems, or should you "cut and run"?) here.

Carol Allen

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