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Romantic Ideas by Star Sign


Taurus Love Relationships

Love & Romance Horoscope for Taurus

Strong, patient, selfless and very stable these are your best characteristics if your birthday is between April 21st and May 20th because you are Taurus. Taurus is a dreamer and can get infatuated before the real love story begins.

However they need time for deep strong feelings to grow. People born under this sign are the most loyal and passionate lovers. They are constant in their choice. It is difficult to make them angry, however if you succeed, expect big trouble. Taureans will never seek a compromise when their heart is broken. For these people there is no difference between feelings and wishes it is all one thing. In general Taurus is very practical and rational sign.

A Taurean Woman in Love

A Taurean woman is a great sex partner, and she will give her man a sense of joy and happiness. However to keep a long relationship is quite difficult for this woman as they constantly seek for new and unknown experiences unless she falls deeply in love.

The sensitiveness of a Taurus woman is something more than simple sexual desire; it may be seen in everything: clothes, perfume, and tone of her voice, and even the expression on her face. Family and children are most important for this woman she will do everything to protect them and to keep the family. Divorce is rarely an option.

A Taurean Man in Love

The main characteristic of the Taurean man is faithfulness. This makes him very attractive to women for building a family with. Taurus men are extremely caring and selfless towards their loved one. He can be described as a sensuous and romantic person. He will never forget when your mother’s birthday, not to mention any of the special dates for both of you.

Taurus takes his time in choosing a partner, he seeks mental compatibility and expects a good comrade in his partner. By nature Taurean men are possessive but they are not eager to compete with other men. Such a man wants to possess the mind of the beloved one and at the same time he is willing to give all his life to her.

In sexual relationships Taurus is not looking for being a leader. He is not very sophisticated but is quite open and ready to share his feelings. When choosing a partner Taurus never seeks anyone’s advise and will go till the end, no matter how bitter this end can be. Taurus man becomes a great father who takes care of his children with great pleasure.

Key to Success with a Taurus Partner

If you are in love with either a man or woman that was born under Taurus sign you are a lucky one. Your partner is beautiful, caring, romantic and selfless. What else can you dream about?! However you must remember if trust is lost you will never get it back. Taurus loves with all his heart and hates with all his being. It is difficult to get in war with these people but when they angry they ruin everything on their way. Don’t break the heart of the one you love and he (she) will do everything so that you can be the happiest person in this world.

A Few things that a Taurus should remember in their relationships

To build healthy and good love relationships you need to remember two things:

  1. Of course you don’t need to rush, but try not to be too slow either, otherwise your partner may think you are not interested in them and a relation may never start;
  2. Try to give people second chance. Everyone makes mistakes. Learn how to forgive.
Ideal partners for Taurus: Capricorn, Cancer, Virgo and Pisces

Smooth relationships Pisces can build with: Libra, Taurus and Virgo

Most difficult relationships Pisces will have with: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces and Scorpio

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