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Star Signs & Money - Taurus
Guide to Money: TAURUS

The Personality of a Taurus

With a strong determination, Taurus requires a certain level of routine and security to their life. Just like their personal life, they also like to establish financial security. The main personality trait of a Taurus is their reliability. Patience and diligence are the main virtues of a Taurus; however, if tested, their patience can often turn into an explosive outburst of fiery temper.

Taurus and Money

When it comes to finances, Taureans are mainly interested establishing security. The main financial aim of a Taurus is to amass large amounts of money in the bank to fall back on. When presented with investment opportunities, Taureans are more like lot invest in bricks and mortar rather than risky investments. If a Taurus decides to invest their money, they carefully research and scrutinize every aspect of the potential investment that has been presented. Although careful with their investments, Taureans are far from frugal with their finances. As a star sign, people born under Taurus are drawn to luxury. With a penchant for quality items, Taureans would not think twice before spending their money indulgently.

Saver or Shopaholic?

By nature, Taureans are not impulsive spenders. Quite often, Taureans will avoid shopping situations as they find them mind-numbing boring. If drawn into shopping, they are often drawn to items that exude luxury and quality. Unprepared to spend their money on frivolous purchases, when persuaded to part with their money they are drawn to items that offer durability and value for money. You will often find that they will have fully researched a product before making an actual purchase. When it comes to saving, Taureans are more likely to invest in property. Rather than savings in the bank, you will often find many Taureans with large property portfolios. Taureans are drawn into investing in physical products rather than stocks and shares.

Generous Giver or Scrooge?

If in a relationship with a Taurus, you are almost definitely guaranteed a life of financial stability. Although careful to invest any spare cash, Taureans are not impartial in indulging in quality and luxury items. Keen to share their wealth with their loved ones, Taureans are renowned for showering gifts onto that special person in their life.

How to Control Your Money

Taureans already have a good grasp on their finances. However, their need for security often gets in the way of true financial success. With the inability to take risks with their finances, money making opportunities often pass them by. If a Taurus could relax their need for 100% security, they would find themselves more open to financial gain.
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