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Star Signs & Money - Taurus
Guide to Career: TAURUS

Personality Traits of a Taurus

The key features of a Taurean personality are determination, routine and security. A Taurean possesses a tenacious personality that approaches even the most mundane tasks with diligence and patience. Reliability is one of the key personality traits that is found in a Taurus. A fantastic team player, they can show incredible stamina under pressure. Unfortunately, hidden behind this calm and hardworking exterior lays a fiery and furious temper. Taureans can often show signs of jealousy and possessiveness that can lead to an angry flair up of temper.

Career Aptitudes

Taureans are ambitious and like to achieve career success. However, Taureans do not like to take any risks and work best in careers that provide a regular and steady income. Driven by their love of financial security, many Taureans will accept work that that they don’t enjoy simply because the income is large and secure.
Suitable Professions for a Taurus

With a strong interest in finance and wealth, Taureans are highly suited to a career in the finance industry. With their love of routine and stability, a career that lets them have financial control is ideal. If they can learn to combat their fear of risk taking, Taureans flourish in the world of stocks and shares.

Taureans are often drawn into working in agriculture of horticulture. With the signs affinity with the land, you will often find Taureans working as farmers, horticulturists or landscape gardeners. Working in the open air is always gives a Taurus great satisfaction and sense of purpose.

The following is a list of careers that are best suited to the personality traits of a Taurus-

Accountant – With the need for diligence and routine, accounting is an ideal career path for a
Taurus to undertake. Their love of anything financial is ideal for a career in money balancing.

Farmer- With a natural affinity to the land, Taureans make excellent farmers. With their ability to complete daily tasks and their stamina to succeed, farming is an ideal choice of career.

Stock Broker – With an interest in securing and making money, Stock broking is an ideal career path. However, Taureans who chose this tempting career path need to be brave and go against their fear of risk taking.

– With the signs natural love of food, Taureans are naturally drawn to careers in the food industry. The role of restaurateur give them the ability to flex their love of routine and precision.

With a natural strong business sense, Taureans are drawn to careers that offer financial stability. With a strong interest in everything financial they are often attracted to careers involving money. Often their fear of risk taking will lead them into taken a more mundane financial position rather than the position of a high flyer.

A naturally affinity to the earth also leads Taureans to be drawn to the outside life. Any open air career that involves routine is something that a Taurean would find pleasurable.

Career Hazards for a Taurus

The emotional temperament of a Taurus can often be their downfall. The need for security can often resonate itself in jealousy and possessiveness. Although slow to build up, a Taurus temper can be one that is extremely fierce and unrelenting. Often a Taurean will hold their anger for a long time. In a working situation, the backlash of a fiery outburst can often lead to problems with fellow team members or authority figures.
As well as a fiery temper, Taureans are more likely to get stuck in a career rut. Taureans will often opt for careers that offer them stability and financial security rather than enjoyment. Taureans are renowned for getting stuck in jobs that they don’t enjoy because of their incessant need for this type of security.
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