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Zodiac Star Signs - Love & Relationship Compatibility
Taurus Love Relationships
Taurus Compatibility Taurus
(21 April - 21 May)

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Taurus & Aquarius

Love & Relationship Match
Aquarius Love Relationships

Aquarius Compatibility Aquarius
(21 January - 19 February)

See: Aquarius Personality Profile

Taurus & Aquarius Love & Relationship Compatibility

Aquarius Element: Air

Taurus Element: Earth

For Aquarius and Taurus compatibility can be difficult. Initially Taurus will be attracted by the water bearer's eccentricities and extroverted personality. And Aquarius will be intrigued by the the mystery they see in Taurus and will want to learn more about them. Sexual attraction will be high and there could be explosive nights in the bedroom.

Long Term Relationship
An Aquarius and Taurus relationship could be very hard to hold onto for an extended period of time, as Taurus needs to be anchored in one place and craves consistency. While Aquarius thrives on change and being on the go. Aquarius does not have deep emotional needs, while Taurus will become possessive and jealous. A Taurus and Aquarius love match is probably better as a summer romance than a long term relationship.

Tips for Making it Work
Taurus will have to be less stubborn, and respect their partner's need for freedom, and Aquarius needs to be a little more sensitive to Taurus' emotional needs.

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