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Star Signs & Money - Scorpio
Guide to Money: SCORPIO

The Personality of a Scorpio

With an astute mind, Scorpions have the ability to go straight to the root of a problem. Fantastic strategists, Scorpions have the ability to control other people’s actions. Born with a high level of intuition, Scorpions are likely to second guess peoples actions; often they will know what kind of action a person will take when faced with a certain problem or situation. Scorpions are often born with excessive amounts of energy that needs to be put to good use. Unfortunately, not all Scorpions put this excessive energy into positive actions. It is the people born under the sign of the Scorpio that are often drawn into criminal activities. The desire for wealth and power is to strong, and many Scorpions would not think twice about the legality of obtaining such things.

Scorpio and Money

Scorpions always strive to be in full control of their finances. With a ‘What’s Mine is mine’ attitude, other star signs often find them very mean spirited. People born under the star sign of the Scorpio have a natural instinct for self preservation. Often they will have well ordered finances and will be experts at conserving their wealth. However, Scorpio’s are also great risk takers when it comes to their finances. As lavish spenders, Scorpions will think nothing of indulging in risky investments. Out of all the star signs, Scorpio’s are the most intelligent with their finances. Often they will use their finances to gain power in a working situation.

Saver or Shopaholic?

Prolific spenders, Scorpio’s enjoy making lavish purchases. Instinctively drawn to items of expense, Scorpions often go on lavish shopping sprees. Rather than save in a bank, Scorpions are more likely to invest in antiques. Buying antiques allows a scorpion to combine their love of lavish spending with their need to save for the future.

Scorpions tend to shy away from traditionally saving methods. Instead they prefer to invest in people and their ideas. Inherent risk takers, Scorpions can often be left with poor and restricted finances.

Generous Giver or Scrooge?

Scorpions generally fall into the Scrooge category of givers. With a self persevering nature, Scorpios are not naturally accustomed in sharing their wealth with others. Although they show their love with kindness and compassion, they rarely share their finances with anyone.

How to Control Your Money

Scorpions should try and learn to curb their need for risky investments. Rather than invest in off the wall business ideas, their finances would be more suited to being invested in a traditional savings account. Scorpions would also benefit from learning to share their financial success. Rather than have a ‘what’s mine is mine’ attitude, Scorpions should take head from other star signs and be more generous with their wealth.
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