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Star Signs & Money - Scorpio
Guide to Career: SCORPIO

Personality Traits of Scorpio

Scorpio has an astute mind that goes straight to the core of a problem. Combining logic with intuition, the scorpion is an excellent strategist who can virtually hypnotize other people into doing what it wants. A determined Scorpio has enormous resilience and staying power. Although charismatic, Scorpios are extremely difficult to get to know. With a desire for power, Scorpions are apt at manipulating people and situations to their own advantage. Scorpions are often referred to as being the sexiest star sign. With high sex drives, scorpions often require a higher level of sexual fulfilment than any other star sign. If not in work, scorpions need to find an outlet for their excessive energy. If not put to good use, Scorpions can often use this energy and greed to ill effect and be quickly drawn into a criminal underworld.

Career Aptitudes

Scorpions require emotional and financial security and are prepared to work hard to achieve it. With a desire to achieve substantial wealth, scorpions can often be consumed with the desire to make money. Scorpions thrive under pressure and often achieve their best results while under it. Naturally inquisitive, scorpions enjoy research and delving into mystery and intrigue. As a water sign, Scorpions are often drawn to careers involving water and marine life.
Suitable Careers for Cancer

With a strong desire to achieve financial security, Scorpions will often be drawn to high paying jobs. With a keen sense of purpose, Scorpion professionals will work tremendously hard and often devote all their time into making money. Capable of deep, analytical thought, careers that involve problem solving are often the key to a scorpion’s career success.

The following is a list of careers that are best suited to the personality traits of a Scorpion –
Detective – With strong intuitive research skills, the role of detective is one best suited to a Scorpion.

Surveillance Operator – An acute logic and instinctive nature makes scorpions ideal surveillance operators.

Gynaecologist – The signs strong link to anything sexual makes gynaecology an ideal medical field for a scorpion to specialise in.

Politician – Scorpions thrive under pressure. Their resilient and defiant nature makes them ideal candidates for the political ring.

In order to achieve happiness in their career, scorpions need to feel emotionally attached to their job. However, their incessant need to make large amount of money can often lead scorpions away from their natural calling into a life of crime. Extremely hard working, scorpions aim to succeed in everything they do.

Career Hazards for Scorpio

Compulsive and obsessive, Scorpio is a touchy soul who seeks total control over other people. In the work place, Scorpions can suffer from feelings of inadequacy. This inadequacy is often cleverly masked with an air of arrogance that can cause distain from fellow work colleagues.
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