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Romantic Ideas by Star Sign


Sagittarius Love Relationships

Love & Romance Horoscope for Sagittarius

Sagittarius – is a sign that first of all is associated with a myth about centaurs – the amazing creatures that lived by the river in Erebus (the kingdom of dead). Most of these extraordinary animals were rampant and bloodthirsty beasts.

At the same time there were other types of centaurs and a great example of them is Chiron who became known for his wisdom and ingenuity. The legend about him is related to the Prometheus story in which Chiron relinquished his immortality.

People that are born under Sagittarius sign remind us about this legend; they are quite restless and are constantly striving for new adventures. They want to see, learn and catch everything in the world and love is included in this long list of wishes. All individuals that were born between November 23 and 21st of December are born under Sagittarius sign.

A Sagittarian Woman in Love

The Sagittarius woman knows how to appreciate life in its all forms – whether it is work, art, sport or love. All women that are born under Sagittarius sign are very charming and attractive. They have sensual nature and can be a little whimsical. They want to be surrounded by luxury world, elegant things and handsome bright partners.

A Sagittarian woman doesn`t hide her true wishes and intentions and is still is quite attractive. An experienced partner will appreciate the subtlety of her nature and her eroticism.

Sex for Sagittarian woman is a way to experience the fullness of life and she seeks the greatest pleasure. A partner does not go away from such a woman, however she can change partners pretty quickly and easily. Even marriage may not stop her from yearning for new experiences. When a partner can keep a Sagittarius woman interested, she becomes a great and passionate lover.

A Sagittarian Man in Love

The Sagittarius man always has a million ideas; he is very romantic and passionate. Men that are born under Sagittarius sign are quite straightforward and honest in their feelings and intentions.

However, other people may think that they are superficial in their thinking. Sagittarius man is an idealist and even disappointments cannot change him. He always believes in friendship and continues to trust people. He has an incredible belief in the best, which is often rewarded richly.

Comfort plays an important role in Sagittarius man`s life. He prefers to choose a partner which will keep the house perfectly clean and will not rely on his help. In sex relationships Sagittarius man is quite passionate and tends to equity. As a rule Sagittarius men have strong and happy families.

Key to Success with a Sagittarius Partner

If you are in love with Sagittarius you know that you are in love with a great person who is full of joy, ideas and unending energy. At the same time this relationship is never easy. Sometimes you may feel that you are running behind your love and you may not have as much energy and enthusiasm. The best you can do in such moments is to stop running and simply encourage your partner. They need your moral support more than anything else.

Few things that a Sagittarian should remember

When you are looking for bigger and better you may easily loose the best which is near. You are honest and this is great, let your partner be honest and opened with you so that both of you can appreciate life together. It is not all just about you, but it is about two of you.

Ideal partners for Sagittarius: Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn and Cancer

Smooth relationships Sagittarius can build with: Gemini

Most difficult relationships Sagittarius will have with: Leo Aquarius, Aries and Scorpio

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