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Star Signs & Money - Sagittarius
Guide to Money: SAGITTARIUS

The Personality of a Sagittarius

People born under the sign of Sagittarius are often inherent risk takers. Rather than investigate the small important details of a situation, Sagittarians will often jump straight into a situation with both feet. Sagittarians have an exuberance of life that is often hard to contain. Easily excitable, this star sign often jumps from one situation to the next without to much thought for the consequence. With a ‘last minute’ attitude to planning, Sagittarians can often land themselves in difficult situations.

Sagittarius and Money

Sagittarians are extremely extravagant spenders. When money is in short supply, Sagittarians will continue spending and will often run up huge debts. With philosophical tendencies to their personality, they are always in the belief that something will turn up and save them. Sagittarians are an extremely trusting star sign and will think nothing of loaning others money. Never looking at their bank statements, they are often naive about their true financial situation. Quite often a Sagittarius will be drawn into get-rich-quick schemes; a gambler in nature, Sagittarians will often be totally trusting in other peoples financial ideas.

Saver or Shopaholic?

Sagittarians are one of nature’s natural shoppers; an avid spender, Sagittarians will think nothing of spending money they don’t have. Extravagant shopping sprees will often leave them with huge debts that they are unable to clear. A natural gambler, Sagittarians will often take risks with their finances. Sagittarians normally leave their financial planning to chance and will often have no clear direction in where they want their excess money to go. A lack of financial focus often means that Sagittarians are poor savers, preferring to live in the now rather than plan for the future.

Generous Giver or Scrooge?

Their love of money means that Sagittarians are one of the more generous star signs. Sagittarians always fight for the underdog and if possible will offer financial help to those in trouble. Extravagant with their money, Sagittarians make for wonderfully generous people. However their generosity often leaves them facing financial disaster

How to Control Your Money

Sagittarians would benefit from developing stronger financial planning. In order to stay clear of huge debts, Sagittarians would benefit in showing some restraint in their spending sprees. As well as being more careful with their money, Sagittarians should also learn to be less trusting. Other star signs often take advantage of their generous nature and will often borrow money from this trusting sign. Learning to say no should be the first step in controlling financial outgoings.
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