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Star Signs & Money - Sagittarius
Guide to Career: SAGITTARIUS

Personality Traits of a Sagittarius

Sagittarians have a sociable personality that needs constant stimulation from friends, new faces and places. Jovial and boisterous, their exuberance for life can quickly get out of hand and need reigning in. Sagittarians thrive on challenges and once one challenge is thought to be complete, will quickly move onto the next. Quite often, Sagittarians will take on to much too quickly and will quickly be overwhelmed with unfinished projects.

Sagittarians are inherent risk takers and will often overlook potential hazards in a situation. Sagittarians prefer to look at the big overall picture rather than the small, often important details. Highly optimistic, Sagittarians have a ‘last minute’ attitude rather than a pre planning mind set.

Career Aptitudes

Sagittarians have enormous enthusiasm for projects. Highly creative, they prefer creating ideas rather than practical applications. Sagittarians are excellent in initiating and seizing opportunities, often drawing from their highly developed imagination. Sagittarians are born under a sign of adventure and think nothing of dropping everything for a chance of an adventure. In working situations, Sagittarians will always fight for the underdog regardless of potential consequences. Financial gain is not important to a Sagittarian; when money is required, a Sagittarian will work hard, but when it is not, Sagittarians will prefer to seek out adventure.

Suitable Professions for a Sagittarius

Sagittarians need a career that is both challenging and exciting. Sagittarians should avoid boring and repetitive tasks. Careers that involve working in stuffy confined office spaces are best avoided as this kind of environment will drive a Sagittarian mad.

Sagittarians are naturally drawn to careers that offer them a sense of adventure. Work that takes them away from their natural environment is an excellent way to satisfy Sagittarians wanderlust.

Sagittarians are often drawn into careers that allow people to profit from their work. They are happiest in careers that offer a degree of freedom and intellectual stimulation.

The following is a list of careers that are best suited to the personality traits of a Sagittarius –

Travel Guide – The perfect career for an adventurous Sagittarius. With a strong desire to experience life and the world, the role of travel guide allows a Sagittarius to share their passion.

Personal Trainer – Naturally sporty, Sagittarians thrive in careers that offer freedom of movement with physical exercise.

Teacher – Surprisingly Sagittarians make excellent teachers. Their enthusiasm and high intellect makes them ideal for succeeding in the teaching profession.
Priest – A desire for worldly knowledge often drives Sagittarians into the arms of the church.

Not overly ambitious, a Sagittarians choice of career is rarely governed by money or greed. Careers that involve repetitive and mundane tasks are best avoided. Detail is something that bores them, and they are often drawn into the bigger picture. Sagittarians are best suited to unconventional careers that offer freedom of movement.

Career Hazards for a Sagittarius

The quest for freedom that drives a Sagittarian personality can make for untrustworthy and unreliable work colleagues. Moving on in a hurry, Sagittarians often overlook duties and responsibilities. Sagittarians can often be viewed as tactless and thoughtless. Often not good at coping with detail, their inability to complete a project can lead to repetitive problems in the workplace.
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