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Star Signs & Money - Pisces
Guide to Money: PISCES

The Personality of a Pisces

Unfortunately, people born under the sign of Pisces lack any kind of focus. Often confused by their own personality, Pisceans often look to other people to help define who they are; Pisceans often act like giant sponges and soak up the personalities that surround them.
Although lacking in a strong personality, Pisceans often possess strong imaginations. A Pisceans imagination lets them actively hide from the reality they find so frightening to face.

Pisces and Money

A highly impractical sign, Pisceans have no time for budgeting and financial planning. Money tends to flow in then flow straight back out again. The whimsical and day dream like nature of a Piscean often means that bank statements go unchecked and financial disaster looms around very corner. People born under this star sign often treat money just as they did when they were children. Often captivated by the magic that money can bring, Pisceans have no concept of financially building for the future.

Although financially inept, Pisceans often possess extremely generous natures. Unfortunately, Pisceans often fall for sob stories and often get tricked out of large sums of money.

Saver or Shopaholic?

With little thought for financial budgets, Pisceans are viewed more as shoppers than savers. Having a child like attitude to money often sees them spend their money on frivolous purchases. Money often slips through the fingers of his star sigh without a second thought. However, when presented with large sums of money, many Pisceans will stop and seriously think about what they should do? As one of the more imaginative star signs, it is often down to friends and family to try and curb the spending nature of a Piscean. Without intervention, Pisceans are quick to lose any financial security they may have built up.

Generous Giver or Scrooge?

An overly generous sign, Pisceans will think nothing of buying gifts for others. Unfortunately Pisceans are extremely gullible when it comes to their generosity. It is not unheard of for a Pisces to be talked out of thousands of pounds of their hard earned cash. A Piscean is never very good at organising a financial budget; they will often lend money to others even when it means that they themselves are facing debt.

How to Control Your Money

People born under the Pisces star sign are extremely impractical with their finances. An inability to budget means that they often are unsure of their actual financial situation. Over spending and too much generosity often leaves this star sign facing financial ruin. In order to gain financial control, it is advisable for Pisceans to seek financial help. When presented with a budget, they should try and stick to it. Thinking long and hard before each purchase is also something that a Pisces should learn to do. Without some kind of financial control, Pisceans will often fall victim to debt and financial ruin.
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