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Star Signs & Money - Pisces
Guide to Career: PISCES

Personality Traits of a Pisces

The Pisces personality is typically vague and lacking in focus. Pisces are never quite sure of their own personality. For this reason, their personality acts like a sponge and picks up feelings and impressions from other people.

A highly caring sign, Pisceans have a personality that can never say no; often seen as charitable and self sacrificing, Pisceans will often use all their energy on other people’s affairs rather than their own.

Highly imaginative, Pisceans also possess a highly creative side to their personality. However, it is this overly active imagination that can cause a Piscean to hide from reality.

Career Aptitudes

A highly caring sign, Pisceans are renowned for their intuitive and empathetic nature. Being so aware of other peoples suffering, is a fantastic aptitude that is ideal for a vocation rather than a career. Being a dual sign, it is not uncommon for a Piscean to pursue two occupations; a career that earns money, and a vocational occupation that provides enjoyment. Pisceans often lack ambition and drive and are best suited to careers that are static in nature.

Suitable Professions for a Pisces

Pisceans are best suited to careers that allow them to show of their caring nature. Their empathetic nature is one of their strongest attributes and provides excellent grounding for careers in the caring profession.

As well as the caring profession, Pisceans are often drawn into the world of theatre and acting. With a chance to hide their personalities, the world of entertainment makes an ideal career choice for an unsure Pisces.

The ideal career for a Piscean should include variety and flexibility. Pisceans often find it hard to adhere to strict routines and time keeping, so need to work in an environment that offers flexibility of choice.

The following is a list of careers that are best suited to the personality traits of a Pisces –

Actor – With their ability to absorb other personalities, the role of actor is an ideal career choice for any Piscean to follow.

Care Worker – With an intuitive and empathetic nature, many Pisceans are drawn into the world of community care.

Artist – A highly creative sign, Many Pisceans find pleasure in hiding away behind artistic outlets like painting or design.

Nurse – Any kind of caring medical profession is ideal for the caring side of a Pisces to shine through.

Pisceans are naturally drawn to careers that allow them to hide their personality. With a strong caring nature, Pisceans often find fulfilment in the caring profession.

Career Hazards for a Pisces

Pisces often find it hard to handle the harsh realities of life. Their difficulty in accepting situations often leads them to becoming confused about the reality of a situation. A Pisceans need to please will often find them taking on jobs that they will be unable to complete.
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