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Romantic Ideas by Star Sign


Libra Love Relationships

Love & Romance Horoscope for Libra

Zodiac Libra is a sign that symbolizes justice. Goddess of justice, Themis, was abducted by the Jupiter (Zeus) and gave birth to Peace (Eirene), Fairness (Dike) and Law (Eunomia). This embodies best qualities of the people that are born under Libra sign.

If your birthday falls between 24th of September and 23rd of October you are a lucky one to be born under Libra sign. Libra is always trying to find a balance between their social and personal life. These people need and seek harmony; they are intelligent and sincere; they become great business partners and dear friends.

A Libran Woman in Love

The Libran woman has an extremely temperamental, cheerful and charming nature. At the same time very rarely she will make a move first toward the one she likes. These women always wait until their partner will show the interest. A strong partner will easily conquer her heart and she will follow the one she loves anywhere.

The women that was born under this sign can hardly be called a romantic person; however she likes the beauty and harmony. The Libra woman doesn’t stand scandals and loud conflicts and prefers to ignore the conflict rather than trying to prove that she is right.

Even though a Libran woman has high erotic desires, in sexual relationships she prefers to follow her partner. A Libra woman is looking for a physical pleasure. She falls in love pretty quickly and can be as quick to be discouraged and disappointed. These woman have to feel loved and adored and then she is completely transformed and becomes a great friend and a great lover.

A Libran Man in Love

The Libran man has very contradictory nature: on the one hand, he has a great character, elegance and communication skills, on the other hand he has constant desire for sex. Very rarely this man can find a harmony between social and sex relationships.

In case he does, he becomes a perfect partner: charming and generous. The Libra men are easily influenced. Usually, they don’t pretend being conquers of hearts and even more often they are waiting for the partner to make a first move.

Otherwise, they feel not being wanted and look for success somewhere else. Libra man becomes a great husband. When he feels that he is a centre of the earth for the partner, he becomes self-confident and is ready for deeds for the sake of his beloved one.

Key to Success with a Libra Partner

There are three things that will help you to be happy with the partner that was born under Libra sign:

1) The success of your relationships is in your hands; most likely you were the one who initiated these relationships. Keep going, as soon as your partner realizes that you are truly a trust worthy person they will bloom and shine. Then and only then your partner will do everything so that you can be happy.

2) Give you lovely Libra time, especially when a decision is important. Do not try to hurry your partner otherwise you may lose them.

3) Do not try to prove that your partner is wrong. May be in time they will understand it. The less conflicts you have the stronger your relationship will be.

Few things that a Libran should remember

Sometimes it is good to talk, and remember. Sometimes conflicts actually help you to get to know your partner better, so don't be afraid of them. Remember you are the balanced Libra, so look for the balance in your life.

Ideal partners for Libra: Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini, Aries and Aquarius

Smooth relationships Libra can build with: Capricorn, Cancer and Taurus

Most difficult relationships Libra will have: Pisces

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