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Star Signs & Money - Libra
Guide to Money: LIBRA

The Personality of Libra

One of the most balanced signs of the Zodiac; Librans possess excellent powers of mediation and negotiating. Always on the look out for the middle ground, Librans prefer to life a quite and peaceful life. A sociable sign, Librans often find it difficult to be alone. A definite people person, this star sign likes to please others.

Libra and Money

Although they make meticulous financial plans, Librans are often fall into deep debt because of their love of good living. However, the talented nature of a Librans personality often provides them with the ability to earn large amounts of money.
Librans can often be quite lazy when it comes to managing their finances. Money is often seen as a vulgar necessity to a Libran. When instigating savings plans, you will find that Librans will carefully research which plans offer them the best financial benefits.
It is not uncommon for Librans emotions to be governed by their financial success. A Libran will often feel low and depressed if their finances are unable to provide the luxury life that they attain to. When finances are overflowing, a Libran will often demonstrate an ecstatic mood and can often be seen to be quite generous with any spare cash.

Saver or Shopaholic?

Often established in childhood, Librans only like to save money when it is fun. With a love for expensive items, Librans will often set up a saving plan to save for the purchase. Targeting their saving plan to reach a conclusion often generates the level of fun a Libran needs.
Librans are neither savers nor shopaholics. A Libran often desires the finer things in life which they can not afford. However, Librans have quickly learnt that they can save their finances in order to make the desired purchase. Many Librans have saving plans that have a future destiny in shopping. A Librans save and spend attitude means that they are rarely in debt.

Generous Giver or Scrooge?

When financially stable, Librans are often overly generous with their money. However, when things are not going to well, they will often need the support of others to lift them out of deep depressions caused by financial stress. Librans emotions are often governed by their financial situation. Unlike other signs, money is a key factor to how a Libran presents their emotional tendencies

How to control Your Money

Librans have the perfect understanding of their own financial limitations. If they desire something that is expensive, their natural understanding is to save their money for the purchase. Although Librans save money for purchases, they rarely think of future situations. If a Libran could siphon some of their extra income into future savings plans rather than for expensive purchases, they would have a more secure future. A Libran could also benefit form not allowing finances to dictate emotional mood swings. A Libran should learn to be happy regardless of how much money they have.
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