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Star Signs & Money - Libra
Guide to Career: LIBRA

Personality Traits of Libra

Libra’s are often seen as one of the most balanced signs of the zodiac. Librans have a deep dislike of hurting other people and will often make sacrifices to keep a harmonious level of peace and quiet. Librans possess excellent powers of negotiation and mediation. A tactful and diplomatic personality, Libra smoothes matters down and looks for the middle ground. However, when confronted with a problem Librans are more likely to sit on the fence than aim to resolve it. Librans find it extremely difficult to cope with loneliness and being in a relationship is often seen as their main priority. Charming and sociable characters, Librans are regularly viewed as people pleasers.

Career Aptitudes

Librans enjoy luxury and a comfortable lifestyle, so often opt for high earning careers! Their generosity and desire for a life of luxury can spur them into aiming for the top of their profession. Librans like to work at their own pace and dislike working for slave drivers. With an aversion to labour intensive work, Librans are more suited to creative careers. Librans have an agile mind that is capable of abstract thought and discerning judgement. Any profession that calls for tact and diplomacy offers a Libran the opportunity to flourish. Unsurprisingly the working environment is not important to a Libran, but the happiness of their colleagues is.

Suitable Careers for Libra

Libra’s love of luxury and aesthetic s often draws them into careers in the arts. With creative tendencies, Librans make excellent creative designers. Librans posses excellent negotiating skills; making them ideal candidates for careers in law and order. As natural people pleasures, Libra’s often excel in careers that require social interaction.

The following is a list of careers that are best suited to the personality traits of a Libran -

Graphic Designer – With a keen eye for anything atheistic, Libra’s make excellent designers.

Model – Librans are one of the most image conscious of all the star signs as well as being the one of the most beautiful. The combination of the two makes them ideal fashion models.

Lawyer – With a reputation of diplomacy and fairness, Librans make excellent lawyers or judges.

Fashion Designer – Many Librans enjoy making things with their hands. With a strong connection with design, many Librans enjoy working in the fashion industry.

Welfare Worker – As a social star sign, Libra’s like to make sure everyone is happy and content.

The role of welfare worker enables them to exercise some of their social negotiating skills.
Libran’s are mostly drawn to careers that involve creativity. As a sociable sign, Librans are often drawn to careers that involve mixing with people. With a dislike for physical work, they are more suited to careers that involve their excellent negotiating skills.

Career Hazards for Libra

For such a peace keeping sign, Librans can surprisingly be quite selfish. Even though they regularly concern themselves with the welfare of others, Librans can become self absorbed and obstinate characters. In pursuit of perfection, sometimes Librans can overlook and gloss over any given problems. Indecision and laziness means that, ultimately, Libra can fail to deliver finished work projects.
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