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Star Signs & Money - Leo
Guide to Money:

The Personality of a Leo

Highly creative, Leos strive to be the centre of attention. The life of a Leo is often filled with theatrical drama. With a need to be the centre of attention, Leos will often instigate events that let them have total control. Overly generous, Leos are often seen as ostentatious spenders. A star sign filled with fun, Leos rarely concern themselves with financial worries or burdens. Leos often live a life filled with fun and excitement.

Leo and Money

People born under the star sign of Leo are renowned for being extravagant spenders. Leos will often live well above their means. Money is often seen to slip through their fingers just like water. Leos often have a care free attitude towards their finances. Leos are one of the few star signs that have the innate ability to constantly generate financial opportunities. Born leaders, Leos will often work in careers that generate a wealthy lifestyle. Even when completely broke, Leos still pursue an ostentatious lifestyle. Overly generous, Leos will often use their money to support and help others with their dreams and ambitions.

Saver or Shopaholic?

Leos have little respect for the cash that they generate. Because this sign finds financial reward easily attainable, they often quickly spend any money they do have. A happy shopaholic, Leos like to spend their money on luxury items and gifts for loved ones. Unable to keep hold of any spare income, this star sign is quick to dispose of any income that is generated.

Generous Giver or Scrooge?

Leos are the most generous of all star signs. Although they are drawn to purchasing luxury items, they rarely purchase them for themselves. Leos are renowned for being overly generous with their gift giving. Showering people with gifts or financial rewards is a way for Leos to remain the centre of attention. Even when complete broke, Leo’s will still be overly generous with the little money they have.

How to Control Your Money

Although Leos have the ability to generate more income than other star signs, their generous nature could lead to their financial downfall. Other star signs often take full advantage of a Leo’s overly generous nature. In order to gain a greater financial stability, Leos should learn to be more careful on how they distribute their funds. If they can learn to be less ostentatious with their spending habits, they will inevitably have a greater chance of financial security. Leo's should learn to save any spare income. If they can do this then they will have something to fall back on if their business should fail.
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