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Star Signs & Money - Leo
Guide to Career: LEO

Personality Traits of Leo

Leos are full of vitality and enthusiasm for life. A creative star sign, Leo’s love to express themselves both in work and play. Often needing to be in control, Leo’s are born to take the lead and consequently seek to be in charge in whatever they do. With a charming nature, Leo’s often lead with infectious exuberance. Leo’s often feel that they are special and can often unintentionally come across as pompous individuals. It is virtually impossible to get a Leo to change their mind and their inability to change opinion can often leave them viewed as quite pretentious.

Career Aptitudes

Emotional involvement is a must for any Leo who wants to feel fulfilled by their career. Leo’s are naturally drawn to careers that unleash their creative potential. Their out going personality often draws them into working in the arts. Innately ambitious, Leo’s often gravitate to careers that can provide them with a life of luxury. Their natural ability to lead from the front makes them ideal employers and authority figures.

Suitable Professions for a Leo

As a natural ruler, Leo’s make excellent employers. Leo’s are often drawn to positions of authority where they can exercise their need to be in control. With a theatrical streak, the world of Law is often a draw for an ambitious Leo. As well as leading from the front, Leo’s have a strong connection to leisure and play. Taking centre stage comes naturally to a Leo, and they are best suited to careers that let them fully express their creative side.

The following is a list of careers that are best suited to the personality traits of a Leo -

Lawyer – Many Leo’s are in their element in a courtroom setting. The need to take centre stage and lead from the front makes the world of Law an excellent career path for an ambitious Leo.

Play Therapist – With the signs strong connection to play and fun, Leo’s make exceptional play therapists or co-ordinators.

Managing Director – A star sign of authority, Leo’s enjoy being at the top of their career path. The role of managing director is one that a Leo will ultimately strive to attain. Once at the top, a Leo will rarely relinquish their position.

Fundraiser – Leo’s naturally exude an extremely generous nature. It is this generous streak in their personality that draws them into the world of professional fundraising.

Leo’s are often drawn to careers where they can take a leading role. It is important that a Leo has an emotional connection with their chosen career other wise they will quickly feel unfulfilled. With a theatrical streak, Leo’s are best suited to careers that let them express themselves.

Career Hazards for Leo’s

One of the worst traits of a Leo is their naive and trusting nature. In the work place, this trusting nature can frequently be taken advantage of. Leo’s often assume that all work colleagues have the same high standards of loyalty and integrity. Emotionally idealistic, Leos can easily be hurt. With an incessant need to look good make a Leo extremely vulnerable to false pride. If not careful a Leo can be influenced by the underling pride and arrogance that runs through this signs personality.
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