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Zodiac Star Signs - Love & Relationship Compatibility
Taurus Love Relationships
Taurus Compatibility Taurus
(21 April - 21 May)

See: Taurus Personality Profile

Taurus & Gemini

Love & Relationship Match
Gemini Love Relationships

Gemini Compatibility Gemini
(22 May - 21 June)

See: Gemini Personality Profile

Taurus & Gemini Love & Relationship Compatibility

Taurus Element: Earth

Gemini Element: Air

There will definitely be sexual attraction between these two. Taurus will find Gemini exciting and fun. And Gemini will find Taurus mysterious and a challenge to be conquered. You can certainly have fun and romantic times together whether eating out and partying together. But for Taurus and Gemini love and sex can be hit or miss.

Long Term Relationship
Even if a Gemini and Taurus relationship manages to develop you will have your work cut out for you, and your differences will definitely test your patience. Taurus is slow to action and loves consistency, while Gemini is quicker to action and lives for new experiences. You will drive each other to insanity if you do not recognize this early and commit to making it work. This will probably end in tears, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Tips for Making it Work
Taurus and Gemini compatibility will depend on you both making a lot sacrifices and compromises.

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