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Romantic Ideas by Star Sign


Gemini Love Relationships

Love & Romance Horoscope for Gemini

Those who celebrate their birthday between 22nd of May and June 20th are born under Gemini sign.

In Greek mythology this sign is associated with a myth about Castor and Pollux – demigods twins that are born from Jupiter and Leda. Actually only one of the twins was immortal from the birth, the other one was mortal. Brothers went on many adventures together and at the end when Castor was killed, Pollux asked their father to grant immortality to his brother. Jupiter partly fulfilled the request and divided immortality between two of the siblings. Therefore, they never appear in the society of gods together, just as two main stars of the Gemini constellation – one is hidden behind the horizon as soon as the other arises.

People that are born under Gemini sign usually are very talented, diplomatic and have very good intuition.

A Gemini Woman in Love

Gemini woman has a very complex nature. Her sensibility is developing over the years. When she is young, love is a game for her and she seems unpredictable. In time she takes it more seriously and becomes a beautiful and interesting partner. There is no other sign that has equal sensibility and the ability to love. These women are sentimental and romantic lovers.

Typically women that are born under Gemini sign have developed intelligence, are very charming and have good communication skills. Gemini woman will go on a first date pretty easy, but if you do not impress her, you will never get a second chance.

For the Gemini woman it is important that her partner have same qualities she has. Finding such a person is not easy, but if she succeeds, she is a passionate lover and a great partner. In marriage Gemini woman become great mothers and bring happiness and joy to the family. These women generally are faithful to their partners.

A Gemini Man in Love

Men that are born under Gemini sign trust their partner and expect the same in return. Often, Gemini men are very talented and creative. Dating a Gemini man is never boring, he is endowed with great imagination and can make every date special, fun and interesting.

However, it is not easy to build strong and long lasting relationships with a man who was born under Gemini sign as he will always love himself more than he will love anyone else.

These men need to feel partner’s care and support more than men of any other sign. Partner is a muse for them and has to inspire. Gemini men have very good intuition and are well versed in other humans. They will always try to protect their partner from the entire world. These men are always ready to help. In sex Gemini man can disappoint his partner as he is more attentive to his own desires.

Key to Success with a Gemini Partner

If you are in love with either man or woman that was born under Gemini sign you need to remember your partner is not looking for a difficult relationship. As soon as he (she) will feel it is a burden you will lose your love. Your partner will simply run away from you and from the difficulties. The lighter you keep your relationship the deeper the love will grow. Please, remember that light relationships are not necessarily superficial. Your partner may not want to discuss everything, but it doesn’t mean that they do not understanding you.

Few things that a Gemini should remember

If you were born under Gemini sign, it is very important for you to find a right partner. There is no point in trying to build relationships with the wrong person. Even though you have great communication skills, you are not too flexible in love relationships. Look for someone who is just like you and you will be happy together.

Ideal partners for Gemini: Gemini, Leo, Aquarius, and Libra

Smooth relationships Gemini can build with: Taurus

Most difficult relationships Gemini will have with: Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo

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