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Star Signs & Money - Gemini
Guide to Money: GEMINI

The Personality of a Gemini

A talkative sign, Gemini are one of the most sociable of all the star signs. Gemini’s thrive on gathering information and facts. Unfortunately, Gemini’s also make great liars and will often use untruths to manipulate a situation. Gemini’s are quick to lose focus and will often leave jobs unfinished. Gemini’s have the ability to manipulate the truth in order to gain financially. Often involved in ‘get rich quick’ schemes, Gemini’s are also quick to walk away from any financial mess that these schemes might create.

Gemini and Money

It is often said that it was a Gemini that invented the get rich scheme and the financial con. This resourceful sign always seems to be able to raise cash when it is needed, often from some rather questionable actions! Gemini’s are not afraid to borrow money. Often linked to financial uncertainty, Gemini’s are often accompanied with large credit card debts or loans. A natural gambler, Gemini likes to have a flutter and surprisingly will often win.

Saver or Shopaholic?

Although quick to get into debt, Gemini’s are often attracted to savings schemes. Unlike other star signs, Gemini’s like to spread their savings over many different accounts. Gemini’s thrive on having versatility in their life and the same can be said with their savings; rather than put all their eggs in one basket, Gemini’s will always look for the best savings deals on the market. As a talkative sign, Gemini’s love to endlessly talk about interest rates and financial deals. Often they will become more interested in the financial theory rather than saving any money.

Although they set budgets, Gemini’s are quick to break them. Gemini’s are renowned for underestimating what they are actually spending on a day to day basis. As a talkative sign, communication bills for this sign are often huge. With a need to gain information, a Gemini’s spending habits revolve around gaining as much information as they can. Be it newspapers and magazines, to books and DVDs, the majority of a Gemini’s excessive expenditure goes on media and information products.

Generous Giver or Scrooge?

All though not inherently selfish, Gemini’s are more likely to borrow money from you than buy you gifts. Gemini’s have no qualms about running up huge debts, and will often ask their friends and families to subsidise their financial ideas.

How to Control Your Money

If allowed to be, Gemini’s make shrewd investors and savers. Gemini’s are mainly let down by a 'couldn’t care less' attitude to borrowing money to aide their ‘get rich quick schemes. In order for a Gemini to gain some kind of financial control to their future, they need to learn how to curb their poor attitude towards money. Although difficult for a Gemini to do, they must work on reducing their financial debts and start to organise themselves some kind of financial stability.
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