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Star Signs & Money - Gemini
Guide to Career: GEMINI

Personality Traits of a Gemini

Gemini is the original dual personality. Bright, communicative and charming at one moment, a Gemini can be brooding and prickly the next. Gemini’s have a sociable personality and are one of the most talkative of all star signs. Gemini’s are renowned for constantly switching opinions while never admitting their initial opinion was wrong. Gemini’s have a lack of focus that often sees them leave many projects unfinished. Gemini knows a little about everything, but lacks the concentration to focus on any one thing for long. Gemini’s love to gossip and keeping secrets is not one of their strong points.

Career Aptitudes

Gemini’s have great communication skills. Their persuasive talkative patter makes them one of the zodiacs most natural sales people. Gemini’s have no qualms about twisting the truth to suit their needs and will often forgo certain facts to close a deal. Gemini are best suited to careers that utilize their communication skills. With a strong ability to multi task, Gemini’s often hold down more than one job. As one of the most sociable star signs, Gemini’s work well in social occupations; solitary and individual positions are best avoided as a Gemini needs to be in constant communication with others.

Suitable Professions for a Gemini

Gemini‘s are highly suited to careers that involves multi-tasking and communication. As a possessor of a silver tongue, an ideal career path is often found in sales. Gemini’s are not overly ambitious and will often settle in their given role rather than strive to reach the top. With their incessant need for chat, solitary occupations are best avoided. With highly developed verbal skills and quick to form opinions, Gemini’s are ideally suited to roles in the media.
The following is a list of careers that are best suited to the personality traits of a Gemini-

Journalist – Gemini’s ideal career. With high communication skills, journalism is the perfect way for Gemini’s to voice their opinions and get paid at the same time!

Teachers – The teaching profession is somewhere where a Gemini can make good use of their communication skills

Sale Person - Born under the sign with the silver tongue, Gemini’s make ideal sales people. With no qualms about bending the truth, Gemini’ could sell sand in the dessert!

Gemini’ are best suited to careers that involve social interaction between people. Solitary and individual jobs are careers that Gemini’s should avoid. Gemini’s are best suited to careers that utilise their talkative nature. Careers like journalism, broadcasting and teaching are all ideal career choices for a Gemini to undertake.

Career Hazards for a Gemini

Gemini’s often have problems knowing exactly what the truth is and regularly change their stories without even noticing. Inconvenient facts tend to get discarded, especially when there’s a chance to manipulate the situation to their advantage. Gemini’s are often two-faced and love to spread gossip about fellow work colleagues and situations. Gemini's are rarely able to keep any given information private for long and can quickly become a member of the team that is not trusted.
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