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Does Your Love Life Feel Like its on Hold?

All of us, at one time or another in our lives, struggle with tough stuff - we don't feel loved, fulfilled or emotionally and/or physically healthy. We have bad days, bad weeks, and sometimes even bad months where nothing we do seems to go right and we feel unattractive and unloved.

But if you're feeling like your life has been "one thing after another" for much longer than just a week or two when it comes to heart-break, loneliness, health issues or career struggles, keep reading...

Because I'm about to reveal how you can tell if what you're experiencing is temporary or LONG-LASTING, or if it's something else altogether. You see, the difficult periods of life - when we feel unloved, unhealthy and just plain UNLUCKY - can be predicted with astrology.

These are periods in which no matter how hard we try to attain our goals, everything just takes longer, more effort or just plain doesn't work out. It's when you've done just about EVERYTHING you can think of to find your soulmate and somehow all your efforts fall short.

For example, you try internet dating and the only guys who pursue you are total duds you wouldn't want within 5 feet of you, and the ones you like never call again after one or two dates. You try joining clubs and being more social and saying "yes" to every invitation that you get and still, the only attractive men you meet are already married or unavailable.

You fall for a man but he's all wrong. He's got so many "issues" he could open up a newsstand. (Okay, weak I know... but this is a depressing topic, so we gotta do something to lighten the mood!) Or maybe he's involved with someone or still hung up on a former girlfriend or ex-wife... Or he's just not the man you thought he was when you first met him.

Nothing is working. Months or even years go by and you're still single and feeling hopeless and loveless. You wonder to yourself, "Will he EVER come? Will I always be alone? What's WRONG with me?" Well, I'm here to tell you that nothing is wrong with you! What you're experiencing can be seen in the stars.

I'm guessing that what you're experiencing is a particularly difficult astrological cycle called a "cycle of Saturn." And the reason I know this is because the majority of women who seek my astrology services feel JUST as you do - and when they're feeling hopeless like that they're usually in some version of this astrological period.

This cycle of Saturn is a phase that lasts a full seven-and-a-half years and can strike a person at any age. (Yikes - kind of sounds like some parasite or disease or something!) All of us go through these cycles at one time or another. For some people, this can happen all at once. For others, they'll be in one version of this and then have a break of a few years. Only to feel like their "bad luck" comes back later...

If you were sitting here in front of me right now and we were having a conversation about this, I'd be able to tell you're in a cycle of Saturn just by the things you'd say to me: - That you haven't felt like "yourself" in a while.

  • That everything feels "hard" and you're drained by a heaviness, a loneliness, or a hopelessness that crashes the party every time you start to think things are getting better.
  • That you've tried this and that and nothing has worked out, no matter how enthusiastic and motivated you felt at first.

When you're in a cycle of Saturn, you may feel like you need to TRY HARDER at whatever it is you're trying to do, like being extra sweet and accommodating to a man so he'll somehow "realize" that you're The One...

Or going on 50 dates in 50 days, or yo-yo dieting to lose those last 20 pounds so you can feel good about yourself... You may feel like you've been slacking or that you're a failure. You're not - you're just in the MEANTIME. Cycles of Saturn can feel like that - MEAN. But they're VERY IMPORTANT because it's in these GAPS in your life that your figure out the next big chapter of your life...

These are the times when people GROW the most, and evaluate who they are and what they REALLY want (not what you THOUGHT you wanted), only to come OUT of these times so much stronger and more fully who you're truly SUPPOSED to be. Seriously - you'll look back on these times and be SO GLAD...

This is when women say to me - "Thank GOD I got out of that bad marriage... Thank goodness my job got so hard that I was forced to do something else, because now I'm really living my purpose... If it weren't for those bad years, I'd never be so strong and grateful for what I have today..."

So I promise you - if you're in a cycle of Saturn it's not your fault and you're not a failure and it's not because you haven't been trying hard enough. Because when you're in this difficult cycle, it just simply won't be your TIME to find your soulmate or get that DREAM job. Since it's not your time (YET!), it also means that it's nothing you're doing or not doing that's to blame for your pain and setbacks.

However, there are things you can do to feel better and make the most of it. Just knowing what's going on will make you feel SO much better... And once you know how the stars are affecting your life, you can make the choice to do certain things that will make this difficult period far easier. You can do things to make this time a gift, not a curse.

This may mean going back to school, re-examining your role in a relationship that's no longer serving you, or just focusing more on yourself and your deeper goals.

"But Carol," you may be thinking, "How do I know if this is what's happening in my chart and if it is, what the heck should I do about it?"

Glad you asked... Because most people are in a cycle of Saturn when they turn to astrology, I've created an instant report called,

"Cycles of Saturn - Charting The Ups and Downs of Your Life and How to Make the Most of Them."

This thirty-year report can verify if what you're feeling is indeed because you're in this difficult astrological, "love-blocking" time and not only what to do about it, but also WHEN IT WILL END. You'll learn when you should try harder at love or if this is the time when you need to shed your old, outmoded ways of doing things.

In this report, you'll also learn exactly what KIND of cycle you're in right now - because there are three distinct kinds of Saturn cycles that require that you do different things. The report then breaks all three down into three shorter sub-cycles and what to expect and watch out for during each.

Then it includes three positive Saturn cycles as well as a period when Saturn is actually EXTREMELY good for you (I call this the "golden phase of Saturn"). During these times your efforts will pay off in a BIG WAY and it's an excellent time to take greater risks and expect to find HIM, or be closer to a man than ever...

In your "Cycles of Saturn" report you'll discover:

  • What to do right now and in the coming years to make the MOST of the cycle of Saturn you're going through
  • How to prepare for any upcoming difficult periods (I give you specific recommendations to help you offset a great deal of the possible problems) -- When the difficult cycle you're in will END
  • When your "golden phase" will begin so you can look forward to things feeling WAY easier, more abundant and happy It's all right here, so click on the link below to learn more or to get your instant report based on your personal birth data.

You can try it free for 7 days.

If you decide that you find the report helps you and you're relieved to learn that things aren't your fault and that it's just not your TIME, then great - keep the report, print it out and use it as a valuable resource for your future.

I'll bill you automatically, but if you're not happy with it for any reason, simply let me know within that first 7 days and I won't charge you a cent.

It's my guarantee to you. You have nothing to lose except your feelings of guilt, failure and despair!

Click here to learn if you're in a cycle of Saturn, what that means to you right now, and how to get through it as smoothly as you possibly can

And may God and His planets and stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen 

P.S. In my eBook, "Love Is In the Stars" I write about a time I call the dreaded "Forty Years in the Desert Cycle" which is what my "Cycles of Saturn" report is about. To read more about this phase and how it affects you, download a copy of my eBook and find out how the difficult cycles also bring wonderful gifts to your life (go to page 171) by clicking here. P.P.S. If you'd like to subscribe to my free astrology newsletter and get my weekly tips, advice, tools and support simply click on the link below. (I promise not to share your contact information with anyone, and you can unsubscribe any time)

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