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How to Change Your Romantic Fate

Do you sometimes feel that you're just not lucky in love? That you'll never find your soulmate, or if you do, he'll already be married or worse - he won't be attracted to you AT ALL?

Bleh. It's no fun to be stuck in a rut like that. But that's exactly where I was for a very LONG time. Seriously - so don't go thinking I was born lucky in love, just because I'm in a great marriage NOW and just because I have this world of knowledge about how to create and maintain great relationships. I was pathetic and lousy about relationships when I was younger - that is until I figured a bunch of stuff out and finally turned things around for myself.

Ah yes, I remember the days... I remember being a little girl and LONGING for my soulmate. Seriously - I even had a boyfriend in NURSERY school. His name was Kevin and he had a crew cut. We used to drive around on little wooden trucks and crash into each other. (That's how I just KNEW I did it for him, too.)

I'll never forget the time our class went to take a tour of the local fire department, and I was put in line beside Kevin. My heart skipped a beat when we were told to "hold hands with your buddy beside you." When his clammy little hand took mine, I didn't want to ever let go...

Ahhh... In second grade it was Lee... In third grade it was Keith... Strangely, nothing ever got off the ground with any of these guys. They didn't take me out, or ask me to go steady, or even walk me home. I spent all of Junior High pining over a boy named Paul, who liked my best friend and would ask her to all the dances.

So, I spent the years from nursery school to high school doing pretty much nothing but pining over boys who clearly weren't pining for me. That dynamic continued until I was THIRTY. All right, I'm being dramatic. Make it THIRTY-FIVE. (Kidding!) There were some good times along the way, but they never lasted long. And, though I'm being playful and pithy about it all, I had some unbearably heartbreaking experiences that wounded me for years. (I hope you CAN'T relate...)

My high school sweetheart crushed me so badly that I dreamt of him EVERY NIGHT for seven years. (Let me assure you he wasn't dreaming of me - he was too busy spending his nights with one of my best friends, who made the "moves" on him right after he dumped me.) My first adult relationship crashed in flames after living together for just four months. (I cried an ocean for a couple of years over that one.)

My next big relationship was on the verbally/emotionally abusive side with a man who drank too much, and I fell down the classic "co-dependent" suck hole of misery and mayhem, trying to please him and keep the peace, and wishing I could get away from him but not knowing how. I finally BEGGED him to break up with me, as I felt strangely powerless do so myself...

Yes, I was THAT pathetic... (Thankfully he did.) He met his wife five minutes later. So, you see, I DO know what it's like to be woefully unhappy with men. I soooooooo get it. And - I have soooooooo changed my life. I've now been married for well over a decade to a man I worship and adore. Best of all - I'm no longer pining. He worships and adores me, too! And I want that for you, too... How did I do it?

How did I stop the hamster wheel of misery that was my love life?


First, I started reading tons of books and studies on relationships. Then I started taking fantastic relationship seminars. And best of all, I started studying how "celestial forces" impact love. I learned amazing philosophies from astrology that helped me to understand relationships - ideas like that a relationship is its own system, and two people can seem really compatible but the system can be broken...

I learned that love only comes when it's time, and that BEFORE it's time you tend to only attract a whole lot of Mr. Wrongs, as I had. I discovered that compatibility between two people is either there from the start or it's not, and that powerful connection or WOW that we all long for CANNOT be manufactured or conjured at will... But it can be heaven sent.

I started doing readings and teaching all of this to my clients, and woman after woman started having breakthroughs, too. Pretty soon, word spread, and people GOT that this astrology stuff WORKED, without my having to try to get them to GET IT. That's why I decided to take the BEST of everything I'd learned over the years down on paper and write a book to help other women.

In my eBook, "Love Is In the Stars" I take the most powerful and effective advice from my "self-effort" files that I built up over the years. These insights and tips have literally turned mine and my client's relationships around in mere days or weeks! Through my book, you'll learn how to get unlimited SUPPORT from your man, and how to avoid unwittingly pushing him away.

You'll learn the BEST way to talk to him and tell him what you're thinking or feeling so he'll LISTEN and CARE (because you'll finally be speaking his language). You'll also learn one of the most critical things in ANY relationship:

And that is, how to recognize if you're an "alpha girl" or "beta babe" so you can more successfully attract either an "alpha male" or a "nurturer" and stop putting off the kind of man you want, or foolishly throwing out the men that are actually perfect for you. (I can't tell you how often I see this as a problem for my clients - it's one of the FIRST things I like to examine about their relationship, and it's often the ONE thing that changes everything for them.

So don't let my years of misery and heartbreak have been in vain... Let me show you everything I've learned about how to find the right guy and keep him attracted and engaged in the relationship. Let me reveal how astrology can be one of the most valuable tools and sources of help and wisdom for all relationships in your life - not just with a man.

You can read all about it now, or download the book and be reading it in mere minutes. The best part is that you can download it today and review it for 7 days. If you decide it's not for you, just let me know and I'll refund you your money - and you can STILL keep the book. It's totally no-risk, so why wait and wonder?

Download your copy right now and start down the path of a whole new and "enlightened" love life.

And may God and His planets and stars shower you with love!

P.S. And if you think you've found a man who won't make you as crazy as my old boyfriends made me but want to be sure, consider running a "The Right Man Report" on the two of you. "The Right Man Report" is a comprehensive astrology assessment that reveals if you and a man have what I described above - that WOW connection that makes love and a relationship possible and WORTH IT.

Because, as I said, you can FEEL compatible but the SYSTEM of the relationship with him can be broken. Or you can feel a WOW that he doesn't... (and you now know that I've been there).

Or you can BOTH feel a WOW but not have enough fundamental agreement and understanding to make your life together easy or workable. "The Right Man Report" can tell you all about it - covering fifteen aspects of your relationship and all the ways you impact one another.

Best of all, each of the steps comes with specific tips and insight into what to do with any of the areas of DISCONNECTION, so that you can make the most of your GOOD STUFF. So, find out if you and a man have what it takes, or if it will just be endless effort and leave you only sad and drained. (Which the world doesn't need any more of - I filled the quota for you! :)) You can read more about it, or order your "Right Man Report" by going here.

Carol Allen

Hi, I'm Carol Allen, relationship coach and Vedic astrologer and author of 'Love Is In The Stars.' For almost two decades now I've been helping women be successful in love, and now you can get my advice at absolutely no cost in my love and Vedic astrology newsletter.

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