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Romantic Ideas by Star Sign


Capricorn Love Relationships

Love & Romance Horoscope for Capricorn

In the Greco-Roman Mythology Zodiac Capricorn is associated with the god – Saturn, relentless Kronos that is devouring his own children and eventually defeated and expelled from the heaven.

Living outcast among men, Saturn sets a "golden age” during which whole world lives in peace and harmony. Another myth that is associated with the Zodiac is a myth about Janus (who rules for a period of time with Saturn). Janus has two faces: one looks to the past and the other looks in the future.

Often people that are born under Capricorn sign give the impression of being soft and gentle, but this is just a first impression. Capricorns are quite practical and always look for bigger achievements. All those people who celebrate their birthday between 22nd of December and 20th of January are born under this strong sign of Capricorn.

A Capricorn Woman in Love

The Capricorn woman lives in constant conflict. On the one hand she has many different desires, on the other - opportunities to meet them are not as big as she wishes. A Capricorn female is very impassioned, amorous and sexy.

However, she cares a lot about what others think of her, so often she is trying to hide her true desires. From time to time these women forget about all barriers and then they become passionate lovers, capable to impress their partners.

In family life women that are born under Capricorn sign are not very reliable partners. Their sexual energy is constantly looking for the exit. From time to time such a woman repents and tries to leave righteous life, however often it is not for very long time.

A  Capricorn Man in Love

The Capricorn man always knows what he wants and usually he can formulate it clearly. These men are quite practical and easy find the right path to achieve the goal.

Usually, Capricorn men are successful in love relationships. However, they cannot be called collectors of the hearts. In most cases Capricorn man are interested in love relationships with a partner that he respects. He is quite attentive to sexual feelings of his partner which helps him to keep long term relationships. Sex with Capricorn man is always full of feelings. However, these men do not like to talk about their feelings; they carefully guard their erotic secrets and will open them only to a chosen one. The Capricorn man appreciates his freedom and independence a lot and prefers free relationships. At the same time, when the right time comes such a man will take the decision and will get married. Capricorn men become great family men and caring fathers.

Key to Success with a Capricorn Partner

If your love one was born under Capricorn sign, try to take it easy. Do not push him (her), give him time and let him to take the decision. Capricorns have to think twice before actually starting something. However when they start they will do it perfectly. It is important for your love one to feel that you care about his feelings, however let him share as much as he wishes himself. With Capricorns the rule works: “The less you ask, the more you know”.

Few things that an Capricorn should remember

Dear Capricorn, of course sex is an important part of the relationships, however it is not an only part. This you need to remind yourself from time to time. You are a great and passionate lover, try to become as good friend and there will be no equal ones.

Ideal partners for Capricorns: Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio and Taurus

Smooth relationships Capricorns can build with: Libra, Aries and Cancer

Most difficult relationships Capricorn will have with: Leo and Aquarius

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