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Star Signs & Money - Cancer
Guide to Money: CANCER

The Personality of Cancer

A sensitive sign, people born under the sign of Cancer are family orientated individuals. Driven by the nurturing side of their sign, Cancerians have a desire to provide care for others. Emotionally or financially, Cancerian's are renowned for being one of the more caring star signs. However, as well as a caring sign they often become deeply reliant on other people. With an affinity to their historical backgrounds, you will often find many Cancerian’s become avid collectors of antiques and historical artefacts. Cancerian’s have an incessant need to feel like they belong.

Cancer and Money

Cancer is a security orientated star sign. People born under this star sign require a substantial nest egg in the bank in order to feel secure. Financial stability is of key importance to Cancer. Their desire to save for the future often leaves this star sign looking mean and scrooge like. However, although financially shrewd in business they are often generous to loved ones and family. Cancerian’s are born with a flair for business and this leaves them in good stead for their financial security. Often self managed; their determination to achieve financial security drives them to succeed in business. Financial security is of paramount importance to a Cancerian; a lack of financial security will often affect their emotional state and leave them feeling deeply low and depressed.

Saver or Shopaholic?

Cancerian’s are one of the most financially conscious of all shoppers. Rather than buy new products, this star sign prefers to recycle old items. When they make a purchase, it is important that they achieve value for money. Any items brought are expected to last for years rather than days! A keen second hand shopper, Cancerian’s often look to make savings on any purchases they make.

Cancerian’s love the security of adhering to a budget. They will often spend days sorting out a monthly budget and will strictly adhere to its spending regime. Any money saved is carefully entrusted in a secure and stable bank account. Because of a need to establish financial security, you will often find that a Cancerian accumulates a large financial egg nest to fall back on when times are hard.

Generous Giver or Scrooge?

With a strong need to create financial security, Cancerian’s are often very careful with any spare income they have. Rather than spend it with abandon, this star sign likes to save any spare income in a savings account. Although scrooge like with cash, Cancerian’s can also be seen as generous givers. As a caring star sign, they often like to occasionally splash out on gifts to make their loved ones happy.

How to Control Your Money

Cancerian’s are one of the more financially aware signs. With strong business like tendencies, they often have the ability to generate financial success. With a need for stability, this star sign is renowned for saving rather than spending. If this star sign could learn to be a bit more relaxed with their money, they would surely have more fun!
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