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Star Signs & Money - Capricorn
Guide to Career: CAPRICORN

Personality Traits of a Capricorn

Capricorn is a star sign that has conflicting personality traits. On one hand Capricorns are ambitious and aspiring to achieve, on the other hand they are often hindered by inhibition and lack of self-confidence. However, Capricorns are primarily seen as conventionalists who resist any kind of change; preferring to work in conventional careers.

Highly disciplined, Capricorns can often come across as cold and calculating individuals. Capricorns have a wonderful sense of humour. In intense situations, Capricorns will often use this humour to distil tense and awkward situations.

Career Aptitudes

Capricorns have a shrewd mind that can formulate long term strategies. Goal orientated and controlling, a Capricorns mind is always set on a path into the future. Although wise and practical, Capricorns rarely think out side the box. A narrow mindedness can often hinder career development and restrict employment opportunities.
Blessed with infinite patience, Capricorns excel at handling difficult tasks. With a flair for organisation, Capricorns can always be counted on to see a project through to the end. Capricorns enjoy structure and routine and thrive on the responsibility of management.

Suitable Professions for a Capricorn

While other star signs find it hard cope with the loneliness that comes with responsibility, Capricorns relish in lonesome managerial positions. A sign that is closely governed by money, Sagittarians will often aim to reach the pinnacle of their career. The self made businessman is more than likely to be a career ambitious Capricorn.

Capricorns are often drawn to careers that involve structure and detail. Capricorns like their careers to be conventional and will rarely venture into a career that is out of the box.
The following is a list of careers that are best suited to the personality traits of a Capricorn –

Surveyor – With Capricorns need for structure and convention, the role of surveyor is an ideal career choice for any Capricorn.

Pensions Administrator – Capricorns are often drawn to conventional careers that provide routine and order. The role of pension administrator allows them to use their ability for formulating long term strategies.

Bank Manger – A Capricorns ability to excel in forward planning makes them excellent candidates for the financial industry. The role of Bank Manger allows a Capricorn to take the lead and excel in a managerial role.

Chiropractor – The star sign of Capricorn has a great affinity with the body’s skeletal structure. Capricorns are often drawn into careers that allow them to work with the structure of the human anatomy.

Capricorns are best suited to careers that make best use of their personality traits. You will often find that Capricorns are often drawn to conventional careers that require strong organisational skills. Keen to reach the top, Capricorns are ambitious workers who thrive in managerial positions.

Career Hazards for a Capricorn
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