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Zodiac Star Signs - Love & Relationship Compatibility
Cancer Love Relationships

Cancer Compatibility Cancer
(22 June - 22 July)

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Cancer & Virgo

Love & Relationship Match
Virgo Love Relationships

Virgo Compatibility Virgo
(22 August - 23 September)

See: Virgo Personality Profile

Cancer & Virgo Love & Relationship Compatibility

Cancer Element: Water

Virgo Element: Earth

Though quite different in nature these two can compliment each other very well. Virgo will be attracted by Cancer's strong, cool outside as they won't be able to see all the emotions bubbling underneath the surface. Cancer will be soothed and drawn in by Virgo's often shy and easy to talk to personality. This is a perfect combination for both sides and you can find this pairing can give you exactly what you have been searching for.

Long Term Relationship
Long term a few cracks will appear in the Cancer, Virgo compatibility. Virgo will find that underneath Cancer's cool shell that there is a lot more emotion and passion than they bargained for. Cancer will find that while supportive that Virgo is very shallow emotionally and doesn't need them as much as they need a relationship. However Virgo's desire for structure and an organized life and Cancer's desire for a family and close companion can mesh well with a little understanding from both of you. You both want the same things, just for different reasons.

Tips for Making it Work
Virgo and Cancer will have their fair share of disagreements. Cancer will be easily offended by Virgo's constant criticism and judgemental attitude. And Cancer's short temper will seem irrational and irritating to Virgo. If you can both watch your tongues, this can be a very rewarding match.

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