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Star Signs & Money - Capricorn
Guide to Money: CANCER

The Personality of a Capricorn

Capricorns are one of the more conventional signs of the zodiac. People born under the sign of Capricorn often lead a very conventional lifestyle. Quite often a lack of self confidence hinders their personality to the extreme where they are reluctant to try anything new. Although highly ambitious, Capricorns are often held back by a fear of failure. Much of a Capricorns life is governed by convention. Every aspect of their life is carefully thought through to minimise any kind of risk.

Capricorns and Money

Capricorns possess an innate respect for money. With strong financial tendencies, Capricorns will never spend their money frivolously. When they relax their purse strings and spend money, purchases are often high quality items that are designed to last. With an eye on their future, Capricorns often make careful financial plans. From an early age, Capricorns make sure that their finances are invested into insurance and pension plans for the future. Investments are only ever made after careful consultations with financial experts. Capricorns will do everything they can to minimise financial risk.

Saver or Shopaholic?

Careful but not frugal, Capricorns prefer to save rather than to shop. Because of a need to live a conventional lifestyle, Capricorns are naturally programmed to think about what the future holds. Capricorns know that working hard will enable them to save for the future. Capricorns have a deep respect for money and what it can provide them. Rather than opt for material gain, they are prepared to plough their finances into future stability and financial freedom. From an early age, Capricorns learn to save a proportion of their money; each pay packet is carefully split into spend and save portions. It is often said that when it comes to preparing for their future, Capricorns are wiser than their years.

Generous Giver or Scrooge

Because of their need to save, Capricorns are unlikely to spend money on extravagant gifts for others. Capricorns are often seen as mean spirited by others; Capricorns are extremely careful with their finances and will often think long and hard before parting with money. Any gifts that are given are often brought with longevity in mind.

How to Control Your Money
Capricorns are extremely careful with their finances. With excellent financial planning, they often create admirable portfolios of investments and pensions ready for when they retire. Unfortunately, their conventional attitude towards money often means that they miss out on the excitement that finance can bring. Capricorns could benefit from being a little more carefree with their finances. Although saving is important, Capricorns should take the time to enjoy a little financial freedom while they are still young enough to enjoy it!
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