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Star Signs & Money - Cancer
Guide to Career: CANCER

Personality Traits of Cancer

Cancer is the great nurturer of the Zodiac; with a natural ability to be kind and caring, Cancerians are extremely compassionate towards others. One of the most emotional signs of the zodiac, Cancerians are often tuned into other people’s feelings and needs. Cancerian’s are never upfront or flamboyant with their gestures. Quite often, Cancerians can present quite a confusing personality to understand. Cancerian’s quickly change from between kind, caring and compassionate to being tough, prickly and full of self pity. Prone to extreme worry, Cancerians can often become down hearted and depressed.

Career Aptitudes

Cancer puts all else aside in a desire to protect and nurture others. Being so tuned into other people’s feelings and needs makes them ideal candidates for careers in healthcare. Cancerians dislike careers that lack stability; they are often drawn to careers that offer them direct career paths and goals to follow. Cancerians dislike uncertainty and prefer a career that has stability and growth. Cancerians have strong and vivid imaginations that often leads them to constantly worry about situations. Cancerians work best when prevented from procrastinating about a problem and work best when working directly from intuition. With excellent memory, Cancerians can often memorise large quantities of facts and figures.

Suitable Careers for Cancer

The nurturing nature of cancer naturally draws them to the medical profession. With the ability to make instinctive decisions, careers like midwifery and social worker make ideal paths for Cancerians to follow. Cancer has a natural affinity to water and many Cancerians will be instinctively drawn to working in or around water. Their capacity to memorise facts and figures makes them ideal candidates for careers revolving around history and antiques.
The following is a list of careers that are best suited to the personality traits of Cancer-

Midwife – Naturally caring and nurturing, Cancerians make wonderful compassionate and sensate midwifes.

Social Worker – A desire to protect others leads many Cancerians to follow a path in social work.

Fisherman – With a natural affinity to the sea, many Cancerians find themselves drawn to a career in fishing.

Nursery Teacher – The stability of a teaching profession combines extremely well with a Cancerians naturally nurturing nature.

Antique Dealer – With the capacity to remember lots of fact and figures makes Cancerians ideal candidates to deal successfully with antiques.

Cancerians are always drawn to careers that let them get emotionally involved. More concerned with job fulfilment than financial gain, Cancerians will often choose low paying jobs rather than opting for high flying business roles. Cancerians are best suited to jobs that need intuitive decision making, taking away the time for them to procrastinate about their decision.

Career Hazards for Cancer

Weaknesses arise form Cancer’s extreme emotionally sensitivity. Quite often it will be difficult for Cancerians to draw back from a situation. Cancerians are prone to getting to involved with a situation and not properly defining their professional role in a situation. With a constant need for security, Cancerians will often become possessive about certain situations. Preferring stability, Cancerians do not deal well with change and uncertainty.
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