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Star Signs & Money - Aries
Guide to Money: ARIES

The Personality of an Aries

As one of the fire signs of the Zodiac, Aries are renowned for showing an abundant enthusiasm for life. Quickly bored, Aries tend to be impatient with life. With a strongly independent streak, Aries enjoy competition and often take on the responsibility of leadership. Entrepreneurial, Aries are always looking for opportunities to make a lot of money. Aries easily form friendships and their passion for life makes them ideal companions.

Aries and Money

As a fire sign, Aries have ever changing attitudes to their finances. One minute an Aries can have an abundance of cash, on the other they can often find their bank accounts depleted of finances. With a laid back attitude to their finances, money seems to quickly flow through their hands. Aries very rarely worry about their cash flow. As a creative sign, Aries excel in generating money making opportunities. Aries spend freely and often spend on impulse. When it comes to money, Pisces are extreme risk takers. Saving for a rainy day is not something that appeals to a Pisces and their money. Aries people enjoy the thrill of gambling. Often with careers in the financial market, Aries love the rill of speculating on the stock market.

Saver or Shopaholic?

With out a doubt, the Aries personality is a shopaholic. Saving money is something that always causes Aries a problem. Aries always require a freedom to their finances. As a fire sign, Aries enjoy seeing cash grow quickly. Passive saving is something that simply does not appeal to an Aries nature. Aries like their finances to flow freely, having money invested in a savings account can often prove too much of a frustration. When it comes to shopping, Aries are keen to negotiate the best price. With incessant determination, Aries make great hagglers and always seem to get the best deals when shopping.

Generous Giver or Scrooge?

Aries are an energetic and generous sign. An Aries are often generous with their money. Although generous, Aries are unwilling to spend their hard earned cash on frivolous fancies. An entrepreneurial sign, Aries are often keen to invest in ideas that will generate income. Their keenness to grow their funds often leaves their finances in a state of fluctuation.

How to Control Your Money

In order to control their finances, Aries need to learn to curb their free spending habits. Older Aries will already have encountered the problems that rise form spending to freely. Often Aries will find themselves with excess finances to look after. Aries should learn to confront their fear of saving this extra cash. If an Aries can learn to lock away their money in savings accounts, they will find that their future is well cared for.
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