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Star Signs & Money - Aries
Guide to Career: ARIES

Personality Traits of an Aries

It is nearly impossible to ignore an Aries. Aries have an assertive personality driven by a powerful ego. Headstrong and dynamic, an Aries will often charge through life shouting and hollering as they go. Aries have a competitive nature that drives them through life. Always wanting to win they have an extremely competitive personality. Independent and a natural leader, Aeries prefer to tackle things unaided.

Aries are known for having a restless mind that quickly gets bored. They like things to move quickly, other wise they loose interest and move onto something else. Never being at a loss for words, Aries are renowned for having a satirical wit that can often get them into trouble.

Career Aptitudes

Aries have strong leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Their preference to being independent means that they are more suited to being the boss rather than the employee. Being a team player is not their strong point. Aries prefer to lead form the front rather than take a back seat. Aries are prone to making snap decisions. Quickly bored, an Aries likes their workloads to progress quickly. High risk takers, Aries are prone to having selfish and obsessive personalities.

Suitable Professions for an Aries

Aries need a career that has the freedom for them to express themselves. A boring and routine job is not something that an Aries enjoys. In choosing careers, the Arian should consider a field that allows them to show of their leadership skills. Arians are renowned for having a good head for business. Extremely enterprising, they will often have more than one job.
Arians are highly suited to self employment. Their individual nature often means that they struggle in a routine working environment. Aries prefer to take a leading role in their career rather than be under the control of any one else.

The following is a list of careers that are best suited to the personality traits of an Aries –

Fire Fighter – Aries love jobs that provide unknown excitement. The constant changing role of a Fire Fighter is something that they would relish.

Surgeon – This ever changing world of surgery is something that would excite any Aries; with the ability to lead a team and have control, a career in medical surgery is an ideal choice.

Self Employed – Aries always prefer to work as independently as possible. Working as an independent tradesman is a great career choice for an Arian.
Aries are best suited to careers that let them have control. Often making good entrepreneurs,

Aries much prefer to work independently rather than for a company. If they do take a cooperate job, they are much more suited to being the boss. Arians should always choose a career that enables them to move out in front of the crowd rather than take a back seat. With a good eye for business deals, it is not uncommon for an Arian to have more than one job on the go.

Career Hazards for an Aries

Aries can be manipulative and less than truthful. Eternally restless, Arians lack perseverance, always wanting everything now. This personality trait can have devastating consequences in the workplace; projects and people may be abandoned halfway through due to lack of perseverance and boredom. The Arian personality can be exceedingly selfish and they have no second thoughts in jeopardising the security of other work colleges. If an Aries can tame their boredom levels, then they can achieve great things in the workplace.
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