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Romantic Ideas by Star Sign


Aquarius Love Relationships

Love & Romance Horoscope for Aquarians

Aquarius presented a sky god Ann that was providing the living water for the earth, so it was the most important constellation for ancient Sumerians.

According to the Greek mythology, Aquarius presents a series of mythical characters such as Deucalion – the hero of the flood, Ganymede – Trojan boy who became cupbearer on the Mount of Olympus, Kekropa – an ancient king of Attica.

If you celebrate your birthday between 21st of January and 18th of February, you are born under Aquarius Sign. People that are born under this sign always are trying to make the World a better place. They smart and have straightforward personalities.

An Aquarius Woman in Love

The Aquarius woman is quite attractive, intelligent and sociable. Her house is always full of friends. She is a great lover and an amazing wife. At the same time she likes to see things in order and her love relationships are quite predictable.

She is a charming woman and her partner often expects her being erotic and sensual in bed, however she may disappoint him or her in that. The room will be clean and linen will be new, however there will be no explosion of emotions and temperament.

Aquarius woman always has her own rules. If you want to ask an Aquarius woman for a date, make sure you tell her ahead of time, so that she can be prepared. The best surprise for such a woman is “not having a surprise”. For woman that was born under this sign spiritual connection is way more important than sex it self. When she gets in love she becomes a great and caring friend.

An Aquarius Man in Love

The Aquarius man is a very talented and an intelligent man; he knows how to be a good friend and always is willing to help. Just as a woman that was born under this sign, Aquarius man can not be called temperamental.

Usually these men have very few intimate relationships. In sex Aquarius man is not looking for physical satisfaction. The fact that he had sex with an attractive partner brings him more pleasure than sex itself. Often Aquarius man chooses a dominant partner. He likes to follow. At the same time Aquarius man become a great father and a faithful husband. He is not able to commit adultery. 

Key to Success with an Aquarius Partner

If your love one was born under an Aquarius sign you will not have scandals in your family. He or she will always understand you and will try to take care of you in his (her) own way.

However, understanding will not mean changing something. So you need to be prepared that your partner may stay indifferent to your attempts to change him. If sex for you is not an adventure but more is a duty Aquarius is an ideal partner for you.

Few things that an Aquarian should remember

You are a loving and a caring friend; you know how to make your partner happy. Just try to be more opened in your relationships. May be, you can try to add a little bit of romantic. When last time you have invited your partner for a night walk? Even planned things can be great and fun.

Ideal partners for Aquarians: Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra

Smooth relationships Aquarians can build with: Aries, Cancer and Virgo

Most difficult relationships Aquarians will have with: Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn and Scorpio

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