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Star Signs & Money - Aquarius
Guide to Money: AQUARIUS

The Personality of an Aquarius

Often viewed as idealistic, people born under the Aquarius star sign are often drawn into achieving social change. A desire to live an ethical lifestyle governs all aspects of this star signs life. Both intelligent and intuitive, Aquarians will always look for the positive in any situation. With a quirky personality, Aquarians often come across as misunderstood individuals. In fact, Aquarians are on of the star signs that are most likely to have genius like tendencies. A friendly and sociable star sign, Aquarians are often popular individuals.

Aquarius and Money

Unlike other star signs, Aquarians show a dual personality when it comes to money. Aquarians can be viewed as either tight fisted penny pinchers or impulsive spenders. Quite often, Aquarians have a firm grip on their financial situation and will know exactly how each penny of their finances has been spent. Bank statements are meticulously scrutinized to the very last detail and each penny is carefully accounted for. People born under the star sign of Aquarius are renowned for their ethical values. Any financial schemes that they join or any business that they invest in, have to match their ethical values.
As well as being financially astute, Aquarians can also be faced with financial chaos. With the ability to be talked into eccentric business ideas, it is not uncommon for Aquarians to develop debts and financial uncertainty. When it comes to financial matters, Aquarians have to combine a mixture of the two traits in order to be financially successful.

Saver or Shopaholic?

Governed by a dual personality, Aquarians show both traits of a saver and a shopaholic. On one hand they are seen as impulsive spenders. However, any items purchased must carefully adhere to strong ethical values. As well as demonstrating impulsive spending, Aquarians are also able to curb their spending and be very frugal with how they actually mange their money. Most Aquarians have a full understanding of what kind of financial situation they are in; although they enjoy spending, when needs must, they are prepared to save every penny they can.

Generous Giver or Scrooge?

Other signs are often confused by the way Aquarians spend their money. At times they can be extremely generous with their money, often preferring to give their excess money to ethical causes. On the other hand, Aquarians are extremely tight fisted and like to squirrel away their money instead of investing.

How to Control Your Money

An Aquarians Ethical values often govern the way money is spent and invested. Aquarians are extremely reluctant to invest in products or services that do not adhere to their strict ethical regimes. Often their need for financial security is jeopardised by their impulsive spending. In order to gain a stronger hold on their finances, Aquarians should learn to curb their impulsive spending sprees.
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