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Star Signs & Money - Aquarius
Guide to Career: AQUARIUS

Personality Traits of an Aquarius

Aquarians possess a quirky persona that is often viewed as idealistic and stubborn. Aquarians often demonstrate a lively and inventive personality that is often focused on achieving social change. Aquarians crave a sense of order and are often seen as perfectionists.

Intelligent and intuitive, Aquarians are renowned for following logical thought processes. Blessed with original and genius like qualities, Aquarians are often misunderstood individuals. Positive and optimistic, Aquarians rarely lose hope in a situation, no matter how dire it may seem.
An extremely friendly star sign, Aquarians are keen to offer help and friendship to anyone who needs it. However, although openly friendly they crave their own privacy and dislike it being invaded.

Career Aptitudes

Highly independent, Aquarians enjoy having free reign to complete given tasks. Aquarian originality and the need to be different are often expressed through career choices. Aquarians prefer to work in employment that lets them express their creativity to the fullest. Aquarians have strong communication and social skills. With a natural akin to humanities needs, an Aquarian always strives to do provide a helping hand.

Suitable Professions for an Aquarius

Strongly motivated by their social conscious, Aquarians are often drawn into careers that help create social change. However, an incessant need for perfection and order often conflicts with their natural humanitarian desire.

Aquarians often possess a brilliant mind that often creates flashes of brilliance. Their unconventional approach and need to break free from convention often leads them into being great inventors and innovators.

Although highly ambitious, Aquarians are not driven by money or security. They would rather concentrate their time on creating change and protecting humanity.
The following is a list of careers that are best suited to the personality traits of an Aquarian –

Charity Worker – With an inherent desire to help humanity, the role of charity worker is one best suited to an Aquarian.

Anthropologist – Aquarians are naturally drawn into wanting to understand the human race. The role of Anthropologist will satisfy an Aquarians natural curiosity.

Astronaut – Aquarians are a star sign that looks to the future. A career in astronomy is the perfect choice for the futuristic tendencies of an Aquarian.

Inventor - With genius like tendencies, Aquarians often excel in creating new products or services.

Aquarians are naturally drawn to any career that helps and aide’s humanities development. Driven by the need for social change, Aquarians excel in careers that aim to create social change.

Career Hazards for an Aquarius

Aquarians are often prone to following the latest trend; this can often lead them into being stuck in an ever changing world of eccentricity. An Aquarians desire for change can also be detrimental to their work. Rather than stick with something that works, an Aquarians desire for change will often disrupt a perfectly working system.
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